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After a lot of thinking and introspection, I came up with my Rails to the Happy Life guide. 18 ideas that should make you think and help you improve your happiness.

I have big news:

As of December 2022, my Mercedes Sprinter camper van conversion is completed. This is phenomenal as I am fully autonomous and can travel and live in the van where I want. Here are some snapshots.

Together with my friend Toni from PortCamper, we are also in the process of launching a van conversion business for Germany: PortCamper Germany.

There is some other van stuff cooking, which I cannot announce, yet. Stay tuned.

Currently, I am travelling all over the place. I spend an amazing xmas at home in Austria, including a fantastic 10-day van trip from Barcelona via Pyrenees, Chamonix, Lake Geneva, and Munich all the way to my little home village. That included also some snowboarding. 

In the meantime, my self-made splitboard is completed too. In January I attended a splitboarding course in Montafon. I also forged my own viking axe.

Due to lack of growth, I am currently rethinking the value proposition of my health and fitness business 4legsfitness.com. I may switch to a complete B2B business.

The tiny house collaboration with Serena.House is still ongoing but a bit on the back burner. 

I am looking into some farming and rental bicycle investment opportunities with interesting RoI. That includes an impact investment project related to: organic almond farming in Extremadura, Spain.‍

I am currently reading the biography of Bode Miller: "Go Fast, Be Good, Have Fun". Gosh, Bode is such an amazing personality with so many things to learn from -- in theory. But this book is really bad, in terms of content and writing style. I'll give it a chance and try to finish, but I cannot promise.

Very interesting and very promising: 

With 5 other top coaches, I co-created the Live better, not perfect Blueprint to Well-Being.‍

I am getting a new tattoo on my chest. Here is a mockup. Every line (almost) has a meaning for me, obviously.

Finally, I totally nerded myself out and created a detailed 2023 goals plan and how to achieve them. That includes 4 meta goals (Become financially free, Challenge and improve my body, Put my inner circle first, Grow) and 23 sub goals.

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Last Update: February 2023