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(This is a Now page. You should have one, too.)

Gosh, my latest update of this Now page was about a year ago.

I am currently mainly on Menorca. I love the island, the lifestyle and especially the people here. Honestly, I believe this is paradise and even though it's a small island, every day I discover something exciting new.

I have a couple of super interesting activities going on in parallel:

Rent My Van: Fred - The Wellbeing Van

The conversion of my second van (Volkswagen Transporter T6) is completed. I described the whole process. The purpose of Fred is full-time renting. Here is how to rent Fred.

2024 Challenge: Offroad Motorcycling in Namibia

I joined the Freshline Motorcycle Club and will go on the motorcycle offroad riding in Namibia adventure in July. In terms of enduro riding, I am very green. So, I am currently trying to learn and ride as much as possible to be as ready as I can.

Volunteering at Trebaluger Equine Rescue Centre

Interesting how life sometimes works. 

I am surprised by how much I truly enjoy volunteering at the Trebaluger Equine Rescue Centre in Menorca. We resuce mistreated horses and donkeys and give them a new life full of happiness. The animals do show us how grateful they are. This gives me a lot of satisfaction and although it is such a "simple" activity (like shoveling horse shit), it is very fulfilling. 

Spartan Races

Recently I completed my ninth obstacle/Spartan race in Mallorca. This one was special as my brother competed with me. It was super fun and awesome to do it with my brother. 

I am currently spending a lot of time and energy in converting this passion into an income stream. In May, I launched the Spartan Race Preparation Program. Traction is good and I have already paying customers.


Unfortunately, we had to completely stop the Live better, not perfect project. We invested way too much energy and money for basically zero traction. Honestly, I think our product-market fit was just not good enough initially. And after a very promising pivot, we ran out of steam. It's a shame because I loved the project and my partners in it. But sometimes you just have to make the tough calls. I am taking a lot of lessons-learned with me and I am happy that I became friends with a bunch of great coaches.

The PortCamper Germany collaboration is going strong. We learned a lot in the first few months. We are now correcting our strategic direction and will focus B2B business. It will take off in 2025.

My Tiny House activities, unfortunately, had to suffer a couple of set-backs. This is not yet fully resolved. It will require a lot of intense work, thinking and creativity to get this back onto some sort of fruitful path. 


As always, I continuously work on my yearly goals

They are split into 4 meta goals:

  1. Become financially free
  2. Challenge and improve my body
  3. Put my inner circle first
  4. Grow

The meta goals have 22 measurable sub goals.


I am currently reading A Guide to the Good Life: The Ancient Art of Stoic Joy by William B. Irvine. It is a philosophy book about stoicism. It is very well written and very practical. I like that. It has a lot of great advise and I feel that even without knowing it up until now, I am leveraging some of the stoic principles in my life already.

I finished Jocko Willink's and Leif Babin's book Extreme Ownership. I was disappointed. There was so much hype about this book but in my opinion it did not deliver. A lot of the topics and advise is very trivial and common sense.

A massive surprise was Be Useful: Seven Tools for Life by Arnold Schwarzenegger. REALLY good book. It's a down to earth, no bullshit book. Arnold may be rough but he is truly inspiring. We are trending to becoming too soft and play the victim card way too often. One of Arnold's repeated message is to take responsibility of your own life, get the finger out of your ass, and work hard for your goals.

I built my own knife from Damascus steel. I rediscovered my archery excitement. 

Below are some more impressions of my Sprinter, which next to Fred is my private toy.

After a lot of thinking and introspection, I came up with my Rails to the Happy Life guide. 18 ideas that should make you think and help you improve your happiness.

Find more here or contact me.

Last Update: June 2024