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I have now been back to Menorca since March and will stay till end of May. There are some shorter travels (mainly to Barcelona) but nothing major. The next longer camper van trip will be June to August. On this trip, I plan to summit the Matterhorn in Switzerland and share my prep and experiences here. 

While I am in Menorca, I am doing sports everyday. I completed the Trail del Nord race, picked up tennis and boxing again, and will start wing foiling with my friend Luke. 

I have chosen my 2024 challenge: motorcycle offroad riding in Namibia.

Very interesting and very promising: 

With 5 other top coaches, I co-created the Live better, not perfect Blueprint to Well-Being.‍ We made the major strategic decision to focus purely on expats. 

We created the personal compass to an extraordinary expat life.

Together with my friends Marie and Toni from PortCamper, we have launched a van conversion business for Germany: PortCamper Germany. Here are more details about this project and you can find the brochure below.

There is some other van stuff cooking, which I cannot announce, yet. Stay tuned.

I published a longer article about Alternative Investing With Purpose And High RoI: Organic Almond Farming, and I am sharing my experiences with the investment project in Extremadura, Spain.‍ 

I published another one about the Lucrative Art Investing: Made Accessible For Everyone Through Co-ownership.


I gave up on the Bode Miller book "Go Fast, Be Good, Have Fun". It's just so poorly written. 

Instead I continue with "Pitch Anything: An Innovative Method for Presenting, Persuading, and Winning the Deal" by Oren Klaff. 

I am very interested also in Mark Manson's "The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck: A Counterintuitive Approach to Living a Good Life."

Due to lack of growth, I am currently rethinking the value proposition of my health and fitness business 4legsfitness.com. I may switch to a complete B2B business.

The tiny house collaboration with Serena.House is still ongoing but a bit on the back burner. 

chest and arm tattoo

The tattoo is done. Everything (almost) has a meaning for me, obviously. I plan to describe it all in a later post.

In August 2022, I had a motorcycle accident. I got an bone marrow edema and bursitis, which is still painful. So, I decided to do this EPI treatment. They plug needles deep under your skin and apply current. Painful but works. Here is a video.

I forged my own viking ax. Below is a photo.

Below are some more impressions of my van.

After a lot of thinking and introspection, I came up with my Rails to the Happy Life guide. 18 ideas that should make you think and help you improve your happiness.

Finally, I keep on working on my 2023 goals

That plan includes 4 meta goals (Become financially free, Challenge and improve my body, Put my inner circle first, Grow) and 23 sub goals.

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Last Update: April 2023